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SAP HANA dSource ingestion

This release of the HANA 2.0 plugin uses Native Backups/Third-party backups to stage a dSource. 

An External Backup is a form of HANA Native Backup that was created by users outside of Delphix. The necessary backup files must exist prior to the dSource operation and must be prepared by the user prior to ingestion by Delphix. In particular, a Delphix-supplied script must be run to persist vital backup metadata to Delphix during the dSource creation process. The backup files must be created on the source HANA instance must be made visible to the Staging host where the dSource is being created (ex: via shared storage, scp, etc).

A new data ingestion mechanism, Staging Push has been introduced that will help users to push data into the Delphix provided mount point on their own.

There are two mechanisms to create dSource on the staging server.

  • Pull architecture, where the HANA plugin pulls the data into the Delphix provided mount location.

  • Staging Push architecture, where the user pushes the data into the Delphix provided mount point on their own.

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