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Storage performance test tool notes - Restricted

In addition to displaying the storage results on screen via CLI or retrieving results from a locally downloaded support bundle, Delphix employees have additional options to retrieve the information via ssh or via a support bundle uploaded to

Download via SSH

Note the destination folder increments based on the job number. storage-test/1, storage-test/2, storage-test/3. etc.

delphix$ ls -l /var/delphix/server/storage-test/1/fio_summary*
rw-r---- 1 delphix staff 2310 Apr 29 17:51 /var/delphix/server/storage-test/1/fio_summary_full.out
rw-r---- 1 delphix staff 1318 Apr 29 17:51 /var/delphix/server/storage-test/1/fio_summary_grades.out
rw-r---- 1 delphix staff 793 Apr 29 17:51 /var/delphix/server/storage-test/1/fio_summary.out

Versions older than 4.2 default to /opt/delphix/monitor/htdocs

Upload to portal; download from portal

  1. Upload to portal:

    1. Login to the Delphix Management application.

    2. Select System -> Support Logs

    3. Choose to transfer the logs to Delphix

  2. Download steps:

    1. Go to, login and select "browse uploaded files" to find the file


  1. Extract the file to locate "storage_tests.tar" in the root of the compressed file.

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