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CLI cookbook: disabling LogSync for a dSource

This topic provides a simple example of how the nested state is represented and manipulated. The LogSync state is maintained in the sourcingPolicy property of dSources, itself an object with several different fields.


  1. Select the dSource to be changed and run the updatecommand.

    delphix> database "example"
    delphix "example"> update
  2. Get the current property using dot-delimited notation.

    delphix "example" update *> get sourcingPolicy.logsyncEnabled
  3. The property could also be set using dot-delimited notation, but for illustrative purposes, we can also use the editcommand and set it directly.

    delphix "example" update *> edit sourcingPolicy
    delphix "example" update sourcingPolicy *> set logsyncEnabled=false
  4. Commit the state, either from within the editing context or after running backto return to the parent context.

    delphix "example" update sourcingPolicy *> commit
    delphix "example">

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