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Command line interface overview

This topic provides an overview of the Delphix Engine command-line interface and links to additional topics.

The Delphix Engine provides a native command-line interface (CLI) accessible over SSH. This CLI provides an interactive layer on top of the public web service APIs, and is intended for users that wish to automate interactions with the Delphix Engine, or simply prefer a text-based interface. All of the functionality available in the CLI is also available through the public stable web service APIs should more full-featured automation be required. For more information on automation using the web service APIs, see the Web service API guide.

The CLI has an internal help system and supports tab-completion to help guide users. Running the help command will display a list of valid commands and properties, if applicable. Specifying the command or property as an argument to help will display more specific information about that command or property. This guide serves as an overview of CLI operation and examples of some basic tasks, and is not a reference for all CLI commands or properties. As the CLI content is identical to the public web services, complete information about particular commands, properties, or other operations can be found in the API documentation delivered with each server instance, found at:


The API documentation is guaranteed to be consistent with the set of APIs exported by that particular server. All of the APIs used by the GUI will be supported by the CLI. While all the database and environment APIs are available, most of the system-oriented APIs (such as those required to do initial setup) will be made available in a later release.

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