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Linking data sources with Oracle

Linking a dSource will ingest data from the source and create a dSource object on the engine. The dSource is an object that the Continuous Data Engine uses to create and update virtual copies of your database. As a virtualized representation of your source data, it cannot be managed, manipulated, or examined by database tools. 

Once a dSource has been linked, you can begin to perform dSource operations on it such as enable, detach, delete, and more.

For an overview of all dSource related actions, please visit Provisioning and Managing Virtual Databases

  1. Login to the Delphix management application.

  2. Navigate to Manage > Datasets.

  3. Click the plus icon and select Add dSource.

  4. In the Add dSource wizard, select the source database with the correct environment user-specified.

  5. Enter your login credentials for the source database and click Verify credentials. If you are linking a mounted standby, Click Next. See the topics under Linking Oracle Physical Standby Databases for more information about how the Delphix Engine uses non-SYS login credentials.

  6. Enter a name and select a group for your dSource. Adding a dSource to a dataset group lets you set Delphix Domain user permissions for that database and its objects, such as snapshots. See the topics under Users and Groups for more information.

  7. Select the Data management settings needed. For more information, visit Data Management Settings for Oracle Data Sources

  8. Assign existing policies to the new dSource. New policies can be created and associated later.

  9. Enter any scripts that should be run using the Hooks page.

  10. Review the dSource Configuration and Data Management information, and then click Submit.

Once the action to add a dSource has been submitted, the Delphix Engine will initiate a DB_Link job to create the dSource. If the Load Immediately option was selected in the data management page a DB_Sync job will also be executed to ingest data from the source, otherwise, this first DB_Sync job will run as per the associated SnapSync policy. 

When the jobs have successfully completed, the database icon will change to a dSource icon on the Environments > Databases screen, and the dSource will be added to the list of Datasets under its assigned group.

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