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Managing Db2 instances

This topic explains how to manage DB2 instances on a host.

When you add an environment with the Delphix Management Application, all existing DB2 instances on the host are automatically discovered by Delphix. A list of all instances and databases are available to Delphix based on the environment discovery process.

View instances

  1. Login to the Delphix Management application.

  2. Click Manage.

  3. Select Environments.

  4. In the Environments panel, click on the name of the environment to you want to refresh.

  5. Select the Databases tab to see a list of all DB2 instances found in the environment.

Updating instances on a host 

If you add or remove any DB2 instances from a host you must refresh the environment using the steps listed in Environment Refresh to update the list of instances available to Delphix. Additionally, the environment users must be updated to match the DB2 instance owners as detailed in Managing DB2 Users and Instance Owners

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