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Manually recovering a database after V2P

This article describes how to manually recover a database after the V2P process.

For the Oracle database, while running V2P, Delphix copies the datafiles and other required files on the physical storage. After that it performs the database recovery, followed by some post recovery steps and openDatabase. 

While running V2P from CLI, you can set recoverDatabase=false and openDatabase=false

While running V2P from UI, you can select not to openDatabase. 

If recoverDatabase=falseis set, run both and

If the V2P was performed with recoverDatabase=true and openDatabase=false, only run


  1. In the V2P target environment, navigate to the scripts directory for the exported database instance. You can find the scripts in a sub-directory named for that specific database instance. For Oracle databases, the path is <target_directory>/<db_unique_name>/script/<instance name>. For SQL Server databases, the path is <target_directory>\<db_name>\scripts.

  2. For Oracle databases, locate the and scripts, then run the required script(s) as described above (as sh ./ and sh ./
    For SQL server databases, locate the script Provision.ps1 and run it.

  3. For Oracle databases, add the recovered database to /etc/oratab and Refresh the target environment for it to discover the recovered database. For SQL server databases, when the script completes, Refresh the target environment for it to discover the recovered database.

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