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NFSv4 configuration


This article shows which OS versions support NFSv4. NFSv4 is enabled by default, but the target/staging hosts require additional configuration changes before it can be used.

Redhat/SLES: "NFSv4 Only - Enabling Recover Lost Locks" section under Linux/Redhat/CentOs

AIX: IBM AIX article.

OS version

NSFv4 support

RHEL 6.4 or later


SLES 11.4 or later


AIX 7.1, 7.2


Solaris 11


If these target host configurations are not set, the engine will choose NFSv3. The provided reason (e.g., "OS not supported") that is shown for choosing NFSv3 over NFSv4 can be observed under the Status tab of the selected VDB in the Delphix Engine GUI. Additional information is provided in this tab for datasets and current values.

Dataset status tab NFS reasons

NFS Reason



NFSv4 is used by default for client mounts.

Old RedHat

NFSv4 is used with RedHat versions 6.4 and newer.

Unsupported OS

NFSv4 is not supported for HP-UX clients.


Oracle Direct NFS (dNFS) is in use by the database. NFSv4 is supported by dNFS with Oracle versions 12c and newer. Additionally, due to Oracle bug 33596056, dNFS does not work with NFSv4 in Oracle versions 19.12-19.15 and 21.1-21.6.

Tunable Override

The nfs.version tunable is set to force NFSv3 mounts.

Configuration Override

Appears with default operation, implies that a configuration parameter has changed.

No Recover Lost Locks

On Linux hosts, if the required recover_lost_locks setting is not enabled for the NFS client, then NFSv4 cannot be used.

Incomplete v4 Config

On AIX hosts, if the nfsrgyd daemon is not running or reverse DNS lookup is missing, then NFSv4 cannot be used.

NFSv4-Only mode

A Delphix Engine can be configured only to use NFSv4 and disable NFSv3 services.

Behavioral Differences Compared Automatic (default):

  • If NFSv4 is not supported on the mount, then the Delphix Engine will fail to mount the VDBs and return a user exception with the reason "NFSv4 is not supported". 

  • If dNFS is enabled, the Delphix Engine will attempt to use NFSv4 in Oracle versions 19.12-19.15 and 21.1-21.6 despite Oracle bug 33596056. Additional details are in this KB.

If NFSv3 is enabled, it will be turned off when the option is set:

  • If existing VDBs on a continuous data engine are using NFSv3, they will go down since the mounts will no longer serve data once the option is set.

  • If the continuous compliance engine is using NFSv3 via remote mounts, they can no longer access data once the option is set.

This configuration is available via the System Administration CLI

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