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Provisioning from a replicated Oracle VDB

This topic describes how to provision from a replicated dSource or virtual database (VDB).

The process for provisioning from replicated objects is the same as the typical VDB provisioning process, except that first you need to select the replica namespace containing the replicated object.


  • You must have a dSource or VDB that has been replicated from one Delphix Engine to another, as described in Replication Overview

  • The Delphix Engine containing the replicated dSource or VDB must have a compatible target environment that it can use to provision a VDB from the replicated dSource or VDB.


  1. On the Delphix Engine containing the replicated dSource or VDB, login to the Delphix Management application.

  2. In the top menu bar, click Manage.

  3. Select Datasets.

  4. From the list of replica namespaces, select the replica namespace that contains the dSource or VDB from which you want to provision.

  5. The provisioning process is now identical to the process for provisioning standard objects.


Once the provisioning job has started, the user interface will automatically display the new VDB in the live system.

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