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Given that the Delphix software is meant to interact with some of your organization’s most important application data, security is very important. The security section covers everything you need to know about how you can manage the Delphix software securely (user management, etc) as well as how Delphix works to ensure that the software is not susceptible to vulnerabilities. This section outlines standard hardening techniques that you should apply to every Delphix Engine in your environment. The Delphix Engine delivers its functionality through a web-based graphical user interface (GUI), web-based RESTful APIs, and a command-line interface (CLI) accessed over SSH. All three interfaces leverage the same accounts and privileges scheme. Access to the Delphix Operating System (DxOS) is restricted to Delphix Support and Delphix Professional Services and can be controlled through the Support Access Control mechanism, described below. Customer-specific software installations and modifications to the DxOS are not required or supported. Communications to/from connected systems (“sources” and “targets”) should be limited to required ports, and encryption should be used wherever possible.

This section covers the following topics:

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