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Uploading the upgrade image

Version compatibility and support pre-checks

Please refer to Upgrade matrix before upgrading to a newer version.

Customers running version 5.3.9 and earlier that are requesting an upgrade to and above, please contact Delphix Support to help coordinate this upgrade.

Upgrading from 6.0.x to 6.0.x includes pre-checks packaged in the upgrade image, contacting Delphix Support for this upgrade is not required (e.g. →

The procedure for uploading an upgrade version to the Delphix Engine is:

  1. Login to the Delphix Setupapplication.

  2. In the Software Version panel, click View.

  3. Click the plus icon to upload a new version.

  4. Select the upgrade version you downloaded from the download site.

    The upload begins on the drop or selection of a file (upgrade image) into the Upload Upgrade Image window. You will be able to view the progress in the Upload Status area.

  5. In the Upload Complete dialog, click OK.  You will see the new version appear on the page.

Once the upgrade image upload is complete, upgrade verification will start automatically

This verification process will notify you of any potential problems that require intervention from either you or Delphix support. The new version of the Delphix Engine cannot be installed before verification has completed. You can track the progress of verification from the Actions sidebar. If issues are found during the verification process, they will be listed on the version page. An upgrade will not be possible until the issues are resolved.

For more details, see Resolving upgrade checks

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