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Best practices for Delphix engine data protection

The following are recommended best practices for data protection in the Delphix Engine.

  1. For protection against physical host failure - leverage VMware HA.

  2. For protection against storage failure - leverage Delphix replication.

  3. For protection against administrative error - leverage storage snapshots.

  4. For protection against site failure - leverage Delphix replication and/or Delphix Live Archive.

  5. Infrastructure Backup of the Delphix VM:
    Must take a consistent group snapshot of all Delphix VM storage (system disk, VM configuration, database VMDK/RDMs)
    RTO, RPO are inferior compared to Delphix Replication. The granularity of restore is at the VM level: all-or-nothing.

    1. Virtual machine backup: Create VM snapshot, backup (proxy server), remove the snapshot.
      Products use VMware APIs: NBU for VMware, TSM, Networker
      Limited to < 2TB because of time to backup, impact on running VM

    2. Storage array backup: Take a consistent storage snapshot, replicate to tape/VTL media server, remove the snapshot.
      Products include Hitachi Shadow Copy, EMC SnapCopy, HP Business/Snap Copy.

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