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Delphix operating system (DxOS)

Delphix Support accesses the DxOS for deep diagnostics and troubleshooting. Access to the Delphix Engine requires access to your network. Typically this is granted via shared troubleshooting sessions over Webex, with full transparency.

If desired, you can enable additional control so that access can only take place when you provide a token.

If you disable Support Access, do not have the token, and you are unable to login as a system administrator, it can become impossible for Delphix Support to login to repair your system. Example: the management stack crashes, the login system becomes unavailable, and you have disabled Support Access and do not have the token. For this reason, Delphix strongly recommends leaving Support Access enabled at all times. If you wish to disable access, generate a unique token once a month and place it in a secure location separate from the Delphix Engine.

Disable support access (optional)

Support Access Control is managed as a system administrator in the Server Setup area.

  • When set to DISABLED, it is impossible for Delphix Support to login to the DxOS.

  • When set to ENABLED (the default), Delphix Support can login to the DxOS.

  • When set to ENABLED and calendar time is set and a token generated, Delphix Support can only login with the token during that timeframe, which you provide. Generate the token once/month for an entire month and store it in a secure location separate from your Delphix Engine. When requested, provide the token through a secure means: in your support ticket, via email or SMS to a trusted entity, etc.

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