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Product information


Delphix Engines are delivered and maintained as a closed virtual software appliance. Like all virtual appliances, these engines are a tightly integrated combination of a special-purpose operating system and business logic; The Continuous Data Engine can be configured for data virtualization, while the Continuous Compliance Engine can be configured for data masking.

The product is delivered as a closed appliance, due to dependencies between software components within the virtual appliance that require end-to-end testing. Delphix does not provide administrative access to the operating system for any reason, including installing software, making customizations, or performing security scans. More details about the administrative model are provided in later sections of this page.


Delphix software is delivered and maintained as a virtual software appliance. The mode of product delivery is dependent on the hosting hypervisor platform described in the table below:

Hypervisor Platform

Delivery Vehicle


VMware ESXi

OVA image

Amazon AWS EC2

AMI image

Manual deployment to EC2

Amazon AWS EC2

Guest Machine Appliance

Amazon Marketplace

Microsoft Azure

Guest Machine Appliance

Azure Marketplace

Google Cloud Platform

Guest Machine Appliance

Hyper V

Hyper image

Updates, upgrades, and versions

Regardless of the initial packaging used to deploy Continuous Data or Continuous Compliance engines, updates are supplied as a single upgrade image of the new release, and the same image can be used for any prior release from which an upgrade is supported. This upgrade image delivers a completely new appliance, including both the operating system and business logic components.

The upgrade process retains prior configuration and user data to ensure that nothing is lost during the upgrade process, in addition to retaining a copy of the previous version of the components for automatic recovery in case an upgrade fails. Installed versions older than the prior version are automatically deleted during the upgrade. 

There is no component patching of Continuous Data or Continuous Compliance engines; fixes are delivered in new versions of the software as a new software appliance. There is no management of patches involved and each engine version is a consistent, tested virtual appliance.


Administration of Continuous Data or Continuous Compliance engines happens through product interfaces only. These interfaces provide the proper configuration and testing of user infrastructure components, such as network addresses, storage, Domain Name Service (DNS) servers, authentication servers (LDAP), etc. The interfaces also control the business logic and control of the overall platform, including how data is used and provisioned by the system.

Although the special-purpose operating system may be accessed by Delphix Support and Engineering personnel for the purpose of diagnostics and problem remediation, there are no user-accessible interfaces at the operating system level. Users are not provided access to the underlying operating system nor can any custom software be installed on the appliance.


The product has several endpoints allowing customization for improved integration with user environments, local business workflow requirements, and alternative data sources.


Functional Area


Data Plugins

Continuous Data

Delivered by Delphix Services or Integration Partners. These plugins allow for supporting additional data types including both structured and unstructured data.

Privilege Elevation Profiles

Continuous Data

Delivered by Delphix Services or Integration Partners. These customizations allow for the use of privilege mechanisms other than sudo on Linux and Unix target environments. Sudo is the product default. 

Hook Scripts

Continuous Data

These user-managed scripts allow for custom business logic to be applied to Oracle and SQL Server data sources and virtual databases. The scripts are not integrated into the appliance but are referenced and invoked by the product during data operations. 

Custom Algorithms

Continuous Compliance

Delivered by Delphix Services or Integration Partners. Custom algorithms provide specialized data transformations to secure or anonymize sensitive data. 

In addition to these endpoints, Delphix provides a robust set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable business automation and fully integrated data operations into client workflows.

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