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EBS plugin installation

The EBS Plugin is provided as a zip file on the Delphix download site. Follow the steps below to download the plugin:

  1. In the web browser, go to the Delphix download site

  2. Login to the download site using email and password credentials. 

  3. Navigate to the Delphix Product Releases > Connectors > Continuous Data > Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) folder.

  4. Go to BS12.2 and download the EBS_Toolkit_<version_number> file, unzip it, and copy both the .json files at your preferred location.

    • For a particular version of the EBS plugin, there are two .json files that will be downloaded and the same would be uploaded while installing or upgrading the plugin. Also, you need to upload these .json files in sequential order. For example, for EBS12.2 2.0.1 plugin version you need to upload ebs122-db2.0.1.json first and then ebs122-app2.0.1.json.

    • The plugin versions for AppsTier and DB Tech Stack need to be the same, at installation and through the upgrade. Installation and usage of different versions of these plugins are not supported and may encounter operational issues.

  5. Existing users who are planning to upgrade from Plugin version 3.0.x to 4.0.0 need to consider below points:

    1. Follow the upgrade path available at EBS Release notes

    2. For low-privilege users, old sudoers entries need to be updated with the newly provided sudoers entries in both source and target environments prior to upgrade.

    3. Update the Database VDB Hooks with the newly provided hooks.

    4. For plugin upgrade and installation steps, refer to Delphix Engine plugin management. Also, refer to EBS support matrix for upgrade paths.

  6. If you are planning to deploy the EBS 12.2 4.0.0 for the first time in the Delphix Engine, you just need to upload the new plugin and proceed with the Delphix Engine operations.

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