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General prerequisites

Given below are the general pre-requisites for MySQL virtualization.


For MySQL virtualization, Delphix requires only Staging and Target Hosts to be added as environments.

Refer to Delphix Docs for configuration best practices.

Staging Host/Environment

The MySQL connector is a "Staged" connector - which means that in order to create a dSource, Delphix requires a staging environment. This environment must have MySQL binaries installed and the version of MySQL must match the source MySQL database(s).

Target Host/Environment

If you are familiar with Delphix, you must already know what a Target Host is. It is simply another host with MySQL binaries installed where Delphix creates virtual databases. Again, the version of MySQL must match your source database(s).


  • Empty folder on Staging & Target host to hold delphix toolkit [ approximate 2GB free space ]

  • If Delphix is managing backups, the Staging Host must have enough storage space to hold your source database backup.

MySQL Version

  • MySQL Binary version on Staging and Target must match the version on the source database(s)

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