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Linking an Oracle staging push dSource

This section covers the following topics:

  • While linking, the archive, datafile, external, script and temp directories are mounted from the Delphix Engine to the mount base directory provided in the linking parameters. The location of these directories is as follows:

    • For Non Multi Tenant Databases:

      • MOUNT_BASE/<Database_Unique_Name>/

    • For Multi Tenant Databases:

      • For CDB and PDB$SEED: MOUNT_BASE/<CDB_Unique_Name>/

      • For PDB: MOUNT_BASE/<PDB_Name>-<CDB_Unique_Name>/

  • Apart from the script directory which contains scripts that are used by Delphix Engine for various database operations, the other directories can be used for the following purposes:

    • datafile: All the data files along with the control file should be placed in this directory.

    • external: Any files external to the database but needed by the database can be placed in this directory. The content of this directory will be available with the VDB provisioned from the dSource.

    • archive: Database archive log files can be placed in this directory. These files are used for point-in-time provisioning of VDBs from the dSource.

    • temp: This directory can be used for temporary storage requirements on the staging host. The directory should be cleanup up after its use.

  • No snapshot is taken on linking an Oracle Staging Push dSource. To take a snapshot, a sync operation should be initiated after populating the staging database with production data.

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