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Masking use cases

Masking API client

The Continuous Compliance Engine now features an interactive API client that can generate commands specific to your masking engine. With those commands, you can:

  • make changes to your engine

  • copy and paste the commands to write code that can automate your masking activities

The API client will make real changes to your virtual machine. Any operations you run using the API Client will persist on the machine!

To access the Masking API client, use the following URL:, replacing "" with the hostname or IP address of your virtual machine.

For detailed examples of using API calls to automate masking, see the Masking APIs

Masking in Parallel

Continuous Compliance supports launching masking jobs in parallel. When jobs have no dependencies, you can initiate parallel masking API jobs (with wrapper code as required) to allow the jobs to be run as a pre and/or post hook.

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