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Microsoft SQL Server bypass powerShell execution policy

Hooks are executed with “PowerShell -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned” whereas user-configured pre/post sync and pre/post provision PowerShell scripts are executed with “PowerShell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass”. If this PowerShell configuration exceeds the security privileges of business standards, a Group Policy Object can be configured in Windows to manage PowerShell execution policy. If configured, we require that the script execution policy is set to “RemoteSigned”. The primary benefit is that the Group Policy configuration takes precedence and overrides the execution policy set in PowerShell, even if you run PowerShell as an Administrator. Alternatively, using MSSQL hooks instead of pre/post scripts will naturally execute with a “RemoteSigned” execution policy.

Refer to the Microsoft Documentation on Execution Policies for more information:

The Group Policy is per machine and will apply to PowerShell 2.0 and later.

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