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MySQL plugin exit codes

Detailed below are the exit codes that the MySQL Plugin throws if an error occurs.



Possible Reason


General Error

Check logs


General Error

Check logs


Unable to start MySQL

  1. Delphix user does not have the necessary permissions on the host

  2. Mount location provided is in use

  3. Database credentials provided are not accurate

  4. Invalid server-id

  5. Provided port is not in use


Missing config file

A my.cnf file was not provided and Delphix was unable to create one.


Unable to change root password

Delphix was unable to change the password for the root user after creating the staging db.

Please check logs.


Unable to restore backup

Delphix was unable to restore the full backup into staging db. Please check logs.


Connect failure post restore

Delphix is unable to connect to staging database after backup is restored.

  1. The Source DB username and password provided may be incorrect.

  2. The MySQL Database did not restart after the restore.

Check logs for more information on the error.


Delphix backup failure

Delphix could not take a source database backup.

  1. Staging Host may not be able to connect to Source Host

  2. Source DB credentials may be incorrect

  3. Source DB user may not have the required permissions

  4. Databases provided in the list may not be present on the source MySQL instance.

Check logs for more information on the error.


Customer backup failure

There was an issue with the customer provided backup. 

  1. Backup location may not exist.

  2. The backup file may not exist

  3. Backup file may be empty.

Check logs for more information on the error.


Invalid binary path

mysql was not found under the provided installation directory.


Connect failure after restart

In Backup Ingestion Mode, the Delphix source user could not connect to the MySQL instance after reboot.

Check logs for more information on the error.


Unable to create user

In Backup Ingestion Mode, there was an error while creating the delphix user after staging db was initialized.

Check logs for more information on the error.

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