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New features (EBS)

Release 4.5.0

The EBS Plugin version 4.5.0 introduces the below enhancements and bug fixes:

  • With this release, the plugin now enables the linking and virtualization of DBTECHSTACK on AIX operating systems. This update extends support for AIX DBTECHSTACK and database virtualization.

  • In this release, an enhancement has been introduced to extend the timeout for the dbTechStack job. Previously set at 1800 seconds, the new timeout has been increased to 5400 seconds (90 minutes). This extended timeout is now applicable across all operating systems.

  • In the 19c Database version, the script is now the designated tool for executing the listener, regardless of the operating system type or version.

  • The DBTECHSTACK plugin now manages the configuration of the ROOTPRE_EXECUTED=Y ENV environment variable.

  • The CDB environment file is now sourced before triggering the utility/script. This occurs after the sourcing of txkSetCfgCDB.env.

Release 4.4.0

The EBS Plugin version 4.4.0 introduces below enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Updated Hooks content in hooks utility to support Solaris
    In this release, we have addressed issues related to the execution of hooks commands in Solaris environments. Certain commands were previously failing to execute as intended. To ensure uniform functionality across both Linux and Solaris machines, modifications have been implemented in the hooks utility. You can now expect consistent performance across platforms.

  • Support for load balancer implementation in EBS setup
    This release adds support for load balancer implementation in EBS setup, where you can now set profile_option_value for apps_framework_agent to load balancer hostname.

  • Updated sudoers entries
    This release adds new sudoers entries to documentation. Please update sudoers entries if you are using privilege elevation. For more information, refer to this documentation.

  • Other general enhancements and bug fixes

Release 4.3.0

This plugin release has the following set of new features.

  • EBS Intelligent AppsTier linking
    This will remove the manual intervention while you are performing cutover from RUN FS(fs1) to PATCH FS(fs2) and now new PATCH FS(fs1), new RUN FS(fs2) and you don't have to make any changes in dSource configuration so linking will work seamlessly.

    With 4.3.0 or later, we do not need to specify the "relative paths" of files to exclude in the Paths to Exclude list. Delphix Engine will automatically detect the RUN FS.

  • EBS HealthChecker utility
    The HealthChecker will perform various pre-requisite checks reporting to ensure OS libraries, utilities, OS user permissions, oracle central inventory, OS resources (CPU, RAM, swap space, storage) etc. are as per Oracle vendor EBS sizing guidelines. if anything is missing, it will be reported and must be fixed before Delphix Virtualization workflows are triggered by end-user
    The HealthChecker ensures Delphix’s linking, provision, and refreshes of EBS workflows run smoothly.

  • Performance improvement
    The latest 4.3.0 plugin version has an improved performance, due to the removal of explicit status checks of WLS Managed servers during the virtual AppsTier provision and refresh phase.

  • Improvement in the re-run of failed VDB provision or refresh workflows
    With this improvement, you don't have to delete a failed VDB. Instead, you can disable the VDB with the force option, clean up the target server after receiving the ‘stale file handle’ and stale processes problems, and then re-try the provision or refresh workflow.

Release 4.2.2

This plugin release consists of only bug fixes.

Release 4.2.1

This plugin release consists of only bug fixes.

Release 4.2.0

This plugin release has the following set of new features.

  • EBS database port customization
    This feature supports the provisioning of VDBs in EBS dbTechStack & AppsTier plugins to run on a customized port. Using this feature you can provision database binaries(ORACLE_HOME) cloning and listener process to run on a custom DB port and Application tier to connect to that port. The EBS Database Port Customization provide flexibility to choose the desired port for running the Delphix-created VDBs & listeners. 

This feature is supported only in Oracle 19c Database.

Release 4.1.0

The EBS Plugin version 4.1.0 introduces the hooks utility feature and also addresses the handling of an additional prompt for ISG Datasource password during AppsTier provisioning operation for adcfgclone execution.

  • Hooks utility feature
    This feature provides flexibility to end-users where they can provide a command with configure/pre-snapshot as an option in configuring and pre-snapshot hooks during DB provisioning. This is a huge improvement in terms of user experience in comparison to the conventional approach where end-users had to add entire content (by copying it from the user documentation) into the various hooks. The hooks utility also manages the logs for hooks execution; it'll be helpful in scenarios where end users want to track the hook execution. We have not removed or restricted the existing approach of providing hooks content from user documentation, the hooks utility can be used as an alternative to the existing approach.

Release 4.0.2

This plugin release consists of only bug fixes.

Release 3.0.3

This plugin release consists of only bug fixes.

Release 3.0.2

This is a patch release that aims to provide the following updates to EBS 12.2 plugin.

  • Updated Hooks for 19c MT low and high privileged users.

  • Fixed an issue where 19c DBTechStack provision fails during adcfgclone with java exception.

Release 3.0.1

This is a patch release that aims to provide the following updates to EBS 12.2 plugin.

  • Added support for RHEL 8.3

  • Updated Hooks for 19c MT low and high privileged users.

Release 3.0.0

EBS Plugin version 3.0.0 aims to support Oracle 19c MT architecture. Moreover, a new field has been added on the provisioning UI. This will provide the flexibility to the end-user to provide the maximum time allowed to virtualize the application tier.

Release 2.0.1

EBS Plugin version 2.0.1 aims to successfully stop application services while provisioning or refresh operation. Hence, creating successful snapshots.

Release 2.0.0

EBS Plugin version 2.0.0 aims to implement Sudo Privileges feature for both EBS 12.2 Database Tier and Application Tier.

Release 1.8.4

EBS Plugin version 1.8.4 aims to implement Weblogic password complexity validation as per the Oracle standards.

Release 1.8.3

EBS Plugin version 1.8.3 introduces a new feature while refreshing EBS appsTier where a Pre Refresh hook will help in aborting concurrent manager services and reduce the time taken to gracefully stop the EBS application.. The password required to execute the same will be pulled from a text file present on the target appsTier host which will be created automatically during appsTier provisioning.

Release 1.8.2

EBS Plugin version 1.8.2 introduces a new feature where the user will not need to specify the source apps schema password in EBS DB hooks provision wizard. This password can now be pulled from a text file present on the target DB host which will be created automatically during DBTechStack provisioning.

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