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If you run into an error while using the MySQL plugin and have an exit code in the error, refer to ExitCodes for further information.


There are 2 sets of logs for the MySQL plugin

  1. Plugin Logs Plugin logs are part of the Delphix Engine. Refer to [How to Retrieve Logs] ( to find out how to get the Delphix Plugin Logs.

  2. MySQL Shell Operation Logs When the plugin performs certain operations ( such as Take backup, Link, Provision etc), logs are written to log files on the staging or target host under the Delphix Toolkit directory

Following are the logs to review

  • delphix_mysql_debug.log

  • delphix_mysql_info.log

  • delphix_mysql_error.log

Common MySQL commands

  • Connecting to a MySQL instance

delphixos> /usr/bin/mysql -uUserName -pPassword --protocol=TCP --port=1234
  • List databases in MySQL

mysql> show databases;
  • Check replication status in MySQL

mysql> show slave status;
  • Check binary logging

mysql> SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'log_bin';
  • Check user permissions

mysql> show grants for 'delphixdb'@'%';

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