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API cookbook: refresh VDB

This API cookbook recipe describes how to refresh a VDB using the Delphix Engine API.

To refresh a VDB you need a reference to the Database object, the location of the point to which you wish to refresh and the reference container associated with the object. See the topic API Cookbook: List dSources and VDBs for information on how to obtain the database reference and current Timeflow. The Timeflow point can be specified either by timestamp, by location (SCN), semantic location or Timeflow bookmark.  The  TimeflowPointSemantic  type allows you to specify a semantically meaningful Timeflow location (i.e. the latest snapshot or the latest Timeflow point). The TimeflowPointBookmark type allows you to reference a previously created Timeflow bookmark. See API Cookbook: List Snapshots topic for information on how to determine provisionable points in the parent database.  

Refresh VDB

curl -v -X POST -k --data @- http://delphix-server/resources/json/delphix/database/ORACLE_DB_CONTAINER-13/refresh  \
    -b ~/cookies.txt -H "Content-Type: application/json" <<EOF
       "type": "OracleRefreshParameters",
       "timeflowPointParameters": {
               "type": "TimeflowPointSemantic",
               "container": "ORACLE_DB_CONTAINER-1",
               "timeflow": "ORACLE_TIMEFLOW-13",
               "location": "LATEST_SNAPSHOT"

For more information about the content of refresh parameters, see the /api/#RefreshParameters reference on your local Delphix Engine. Depending on the type of the database, the following parameter types are available:

  • OracleRefreshParameters

  • MSSqlRefreshParameters

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