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CLI cookbook: how to refresh a VDB from a specific snapshot

These steps will allow you to refresh a VDB from any specific snapshot, not just the most recent one.

  1. Identify the VDB and snapshot that you want to use.

    ssh admin@<yourengine>
    delphix > database ls
    delphix database > /snapshot
    delphix snapshot > list database=<SOURCEOFSNAPSHOT>
  2. Go to the database and refresh.

    delphix > /database
    delphix database > refresh
  3. Now set what type of refresh you are going to do.

    delphix database 'VDB' refresh *> set timeflowPointParameters.type=TimeflowPointSnapshot
  4. Set the snapshot

    delphix database 'VDB' refresh *> set timeflowPointParameters.snapshot=@XXXX-XX-XXTXX:XX:XX.XXXZ
  5. Commit the action.

    delphix database 'VDB' refresh *> commit

You can use tab to complete most actions in the CLI in addition to listing the possibilities that are available when setting parameters.

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