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Couchbase provisioning operations via CLI

To create a VDB via CLI, you must first create a dSource. For more information on creating a dSource, refer to Link operation via CLI section.

To create a VDB and perform operations via CLI, login to the Delphix Continuous Data Engine using the admin user account.



Run the below commands to provision a VDB. The below example uses testdb dSource.

Example - 

> database provision

> set type=AppDataProvisionParameters

> set

> set 

> set source.allowAutoVDBRestartOnHostReboot=true

> set sourceConfig.repository=" vFiles (15.2)"

> set timeflowPointParameters.container=testdb

> set

> set source.parameters="{ \

\"couchbasePort\":8091, \

\"mountPath\":\"/mnt/provision/testvdb\", \

\"tgtClusterName\":\"dlpx_tgt_cluster\", \

\"clusterRAMSize\":2000, \

\"clusterIndexRAMSize\":256, \

\"clusterFTSRAMSize\":256, \

\"clusterEventingRAMSize\":256, \

\"clusterAnalyticsRAMSize\":1024, \

\"bucketEvictionPolicy\":\"valueOnly\", \

\"couchbaseAdmin\":\"Administrator\", \

\"couchbaseAdminPassword\":\"delphix\", \

\"fts_service\":false, \

\"analytics_service\":false, \

\"eventing_service\"true, \



> commit

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