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Couchbase requirements and prerequisites

Requirements for source databases

  1. For XDCR ingestion:

    1. Source database admin credentials with the following privileges:

      1. XDCR_ADMIN


  2. For Couchbase backup manager ingestion:

    1. There are no specific requirements for the source database, as the connector does not establish a connection with it.

Requirements for staging and target databases

The staging and target environments have the same set of requirements for CouchbaseDB.

Staging prerequisites for ingestion using backups

The backup can exist on the staging server or can be accessed over NFS.

For performing the backup operation, the following commands must be executed. This example uses a backup location of /u01/couchbase_backup and the repository name delphix.

  • Create a config file using the following command, this file will be required at the time of dSource creation using CBBACKUPMGR.

    /opt/couchbase/bin/cbbackupmgr config --archive /u01/couchbase_backup --repo delphix
  • Backup from the source host to the backup directory (archive) mentioned in the previous step.

    /opt/couchbase/bin/cbbackupmgr backup -a /u01/couchbase_backup -r delphix -c couchbase://<production server> -u user -p password
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