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Delphix toolkit


The Delphix Toolkit is a group of files that allows communication between Delphix Continuous Data Engine and remote environments. Delphix Toolkit includes:

  • Database and Host scripts

  • Delphix Session Protocol (DSP) binaries

  • Delphix HostChecker

  • Java Development Kit (JDK)

The Delphix Toolkit is automatically installed on the environments at the specified toolkit path whenever an environment is added or refreshed.

Toolkit size and predicted growth

Delphix Toolkit’s size depends on two factors:

  1. The number of Delphix client applications running on the environment

  2. The number of Virtual database(VDBs)  on the environment (if any)

Currently, there are three Delphix client-side applications including the SnapSync, Delphix Connector, and Virtual to Physical (V2P) client. Each of the clients that run from the client-side toolkit generates their own logs - info, trace, debug, error. Each level of logging is restricted to a maximum of 10 log files and these log files are capped at 10 MB each. 

Therefore the maximum space occupied by the toolkit directory on the Source server is its initial size of 400 MB + 1200 MB = 1.6 GB. 

However, on the target server, the maximum toolkit size is initial size 400 MB + 800 MB + (Number of VDBs * 1MB)

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