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Detaching and re-attaching a PDB dSource from a data guard site

If you want to move the PDB dSource from one Data Guard site to another, then you must detach the PDB from the current environment and attach it to the new environment.

Perform the following procedure to attach or detach a PDB dSource from a Data Guard site.

  1. Detach PDB from CDB (a).

    1. Log into the Delphix Management application.

    2. Select Manage > Datasets.

    3. Select dSource.

    4. From the Actions menu (...), select Unlink dSource.

    5. Click Unlink to confirm.

  2. If you are going to attach the PDB dSource from a different Data Guard site (Primary or Standby site), perform a fresh refresh of the existing environment to discover that host environment into Delphix. From the Delphix Management application:

    1. Go to Manage > Environments.

    2. If it is already a discovered environment, then from the Actions(...) menu, select Refresh All. Otherwise, select Add Environment to add the environment manually. For more information on adding an environment, see Adding an Oracle Single Instance or RAC Environment. The new database configuration will appear in the Delphix Engine.

Do not add the discovered PDB as a dSource.

  1. Detach the existing PDB dSource.

  • Select the dSource.

  • From the Actions menu (...), select Unlink dSource.

  • Click Unlink to confirm.

  • Using the Delphix CLI, detach the current CDB datasets associated with the same PDB dSource.

    dlpx6010 database> select cdb19c1
    dlpx6010 database 'cdb19c1'> detachSource 
    dlpx6010 database 'cdb19c1' detachSource *> ls
        type: DetachSourceParameters
        source: (required)
    dlpx6010 database 'cdb19c1' detachSource *> set source=cdb19c1 
    dlpx6010 database 'cdb19c1' detachSource *> commit
        Dispatched job JOB-16
        DB_DETACH_SOURCE job started for "SugoPronto/cdb19c1".
        DB_DETACH_SOURCE job for "SugoPronto/cdb19c1" completed successfully.
  • Using the Delphix CLI, attach the new CDB configuration from the new environment/Physical Standby site.

    dlpx6010 *> database
    dlpx6010 database *> select cdb19c1
    dlpx6010 database 'cdb19c1'*> attachSource
    dlpx6010 database 'cdb19c1' attachSource *> set attachData.type=OracleAttachData
    dlpx6010 database 'cdb19c1' attachSource *> set attachData.config=cdb19c1stb
    dlpx6010 database 'cdb19c1' attachSource *> set attachData.environmentUser=OEL7SITDE2/delphix 
    dlpx6010 database 'cdb19c1' attachSource *> commit;
        Dispatched job JOB-18
        DB_ATTACH_SOURCE job started for "SugoPronto/cdb19c1".
        Starting validation of attach parameters for database "cdb19c1".
        Validation finished for database "cdb19c1".
        Obtaining information from source database "SugoPronto/cdb19c1".
        The dSource "cdb19c1stb" was successfully linked from source database "SugoPronto/cdb19c1".
        DB_ATTACH_SOURCE job for "SugoPronto/cdb19c1" completed successfully.
  • Using the Delphix Engine user interface, attach the PDB.

    1. Go to Manage > Datasets.

    2. Select the PDB from the datasets list.

    3. From the Actions(...) menu, select Link dSource. The Link dSource page appears.

    4. Perform the linking of the PDB from the new environment and click Next.

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