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Linking an Oracle pluggable database

This topic describes how to link an Oracle 12c pluggable database to the Delphix Engine to create a dSource.



  1. Log into the Delphix management application.

  2. Select Manage > Datasets.

  3. Click the Plus icon and select Add dSource.

  4. In the Add dSource wizard, select the source pluggable database. If the container database is shown but the pluggable database is not, select the container database, enter its database credentials, and click Verify credentials. The Delphix Engine will discover and list all pluggable databases in the container database. Select the pluggable database from the list. Alternatively, you can use the Environment management screen to discover pluggable databases in any of the discovered container databases.

  5. Enter your login credentials for the source database and click Verify credentials.

  6. Click Next.

  7. Select a Database group for the dSource.

  8. Click Next.

  9. Select an Initial load option. By default, the initial load takes place upon completion of the linking process. Alternatively, you can set the initial load to take place according to the SnapSync policy. For example, you can set the initial load to take place when the source database is not in use, or after a set of operations have taken place.

  10. Select a SnapSync policy. See Advanced Data Management Settings for Oracle dSources for more information.

  11. Click Next.

  12. Review the dSource configuration and Data management information.

  13. Click Submit. The Delphix Engine will initiate two jobs, DB_Link and DB_Sync, to create the dSource. You can monitor these jobs by clicking Active Jobs in the top menu bar, or by selecting System > Event Viewer. When the jobs have completed successfully, the database icon will change to a dSource icon on the Environments > Datasets screen, and the dSource will be added to the list of Datasets under its assigned group. Link/Sync of the Multitenant Container Database The DB_Link job will also link the pluggable database's multitenant container database if it has not been linked yet.

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