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Options for linking unstructured files on Windows environments

There are two techniques for linking a new dSource from files on a Windows source.

Direct communication with the source environment

The simplest technique is to have the Delphix Engine communicate directly with the source environment. This requires installing the Delphix Connector on the source machine. When linking, specify a local path on the source machine, such as C:\Files\MyData.

Using a staging environment

In some cases, it is not possible or desirable to install the Delphix Connector on the source environment. In those cases, you can install the Delphix Connector on a "staging environment." This is another Windows machine that will act as an intermediary between the Delphix Engine and the source environment. Files on the source must be accessible by the environment user from the staging environment via a UNC path. Specifically, the environment user is only required to have READ access to the path, its directories, and files so that the robocopy utility called from the staging host can function properly. For example, use Windows Sharing on the source machine. When linking, specify the UNC path to the files on the source – for example, \\MySource\MyData\

For more information on installing the Delphix connector, refer to Installing the Delphix Connector Service on the Target Database Servers.

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