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Populating staging database with production data

You can update the staging database with the latest data from the source database by either restoring source database backups over it or, by setting it up as a physical standby. 


While populating the data on the staging database, make sure that all the data files go to the below Delphix Engine mounted location:

For Non Multi Tenant Databases:

  • MOUNT_BASE/<Database_Unique_Name>/datafile

For Multi Tenant Databases:

  • For CDB and PDB$SEED: MOUNT_BASE/<CDB_Unique_Name>/datafile

  • For PDB: MOUNT_BASE/<PDB_Name>-<CDB_Unique_Name>/datafile

Restoring and recovering the source database

  • For Non Multi Tenant database, after linking the dSource, restore your existing source database backups onto the mount location.

  • For Multi Tenant databases, after linking the CDB and PDB dSources:

    • Restore CDB and PDB$SEED backups to the CDB mount location.

    • Restore PDB backup to the PDB mount location.

Partial Ingestion of production data

The production database backup can be partially restored on the staging database by skipping the undesired tablespaces during restore and recovery process.

Automating the data population

You can automate the data population process on the staging database in the following ways:

  • Create automation scripts and schedule/execute them outside of Delphix Engine.

  • Configure pre/post-sync hooks to restore a backup or start/stop managed recovery process.

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