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Prerequisite for the CockroachDB discovery operation

The following requirements must be met before starting the discovery process. When you add an environment to Delphix Continuous Data Engine, CockroachDB Connector does an automatic discovery of all CockroachDB installed binaries on the server.

  1. Login to the Staging Host as delphix os user.

  2. Create a file name (if not present) named .bash_profile or .bashrc in home directory of delphix OS user.

touch $HOME/.bash_profile $HOME/.bashrc

  1. Define the environment variable pointing to binary path of CRDB_REPO directory on the host for manual discovery of CockroachDB instances and other information. Example as below.

echo "CRDB_REPO=/u01/cockroach/cockroach" > $HOME/.bash_profile

  1. In case of multiple CockroachDB versions installed on same host, provide all installations path separated with colon (:) to the environment variable defined in .bash_profile. Example as below.

echo "CRDB_REPO=/u01/cockroach/cockroach:/u02/cockroach/cockroach" > $HOME/.ba

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