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Requirements for SAP HANA staging hosts and databases

Backup of the tenant must be present which needs to be recovered. Along with backup, metadata information generated by script is also expected in the backup location. As we will be recovering a tenant through backup files the important thing while creating the dSource which should be taken care of is the user should have access to the backup directory where the backup file resides.

General staging Host Requirements

  • HANA database must be installed and running. 

  • Read-write permission on the backup directory.

  • There must be an operating system user which has HANA administrative user privileges :

    • The Delphix Engine must be able to make an SSH connection to the staging environment using the operating system user.

    • The operating system user must have read and execute privileges on the HANA binaries installed on the staging environment.

    • The operating system user must have read, write, and execute access to the HANA data directories on the staging environment.

  • A plugin directory must exist on the staging host. The directory must have the following properties:

    • Should be writable by the operating system user described above.

    • Should have at least 256 MB of available storage.

  • TCP/IP connectivity to and from the staging environment must be configured as described in General Network and Connectivity Requirements

  • Hostname and IP address must be correctly configured.

Non-database users/Low Privileged users/Users for which privileges need to be elevated, are not supported for performing Delphix operations.

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