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Sudo privileges for the Oracle EBS environment users

An environment user account on the environment must be selected to communicate with both the staging and target environments. As required by the EBS connector, you must grant this environment user the following two key privileges:

Disable requiretty

The Delphix Continuous Data Engine requires the `requiretty` setting to be disabled. This allows the environment user to run sudo commands without a logged-in terminal session (tty).


By including the NOPASSWD qualifier, you ensure that the "sudo" command does not prompt for a password when executing certain commands such as mount, umount, mkdir, and rmdir.

In the example configurations, the environment username delphix_os is used. SImilarly the environment user owning Oracle EBS DatabaseTier is named oravis and the user owning Oracle EBS AppsTier is named applvis. Make sure to modify the username based on the environment user available in the environment for performing the linking and/or provisioning operations.


Perform the following steps on both the staging and target environments. 

  1. The sudo configuration is located in the /etc/sudoers file. Run the following  commands to open the `sudoers’ file:

    vi /etc/sudoers

Note: Third party tools like `visudo`, can be helpful in minimizing syntax errors.

  1. Next, update the file with the following snippet to grant the required privileges to the `delphix_os` user:

    Defaults:delphix_os !requiretty
    delphix_os ALL=NOPASSWD: /bin/su - oravis -c /bin/mount, /bin/su - oravis -c /bin/umount

Similar to above snippet, add the entries for all the target and source host environments to elevate the privileges of the delphix_os user. The following sudoers entry is only for template purposes. Modify the path in the below sudoers entry with the appropriate binary paths of your environment.

Creating delphix_os user

The following script can be used to create the delphix_os user.

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