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Yugabyte data sources

YugabyteDB data virtualization solution employs a staging architecture model. Within this framework, the source or production database backup is ingested into the Delphix Continuous Data Engine through a dedicated staging environment. This ingested backup copy is subsequently denoted as a dSource. This dSource enables the creation and updates of virtual databases of YugabyteDB within the target environment.

The staging ingestion (resync process) ingests new backups from the provided NFS location. The backups are taken by the user leveraging the

This script takes a snapshot of the production database and exports the backup files to the given location.

The connector flow is depicted below:


The Yugabyte connector expects the backup location to be accessible by the staging host via NFS. It ingests the backup onto the mounted filesystem. 

This tool can be leveraged to create a zero-touch staging cluster. The connector does not directly communicate/connect with the production (source) cluster.

The backups on the staging host are used to provision virtual copies of the database on the target host.

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