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CLI context commands

This topic describes context commands for the Delphix Engine command-line interface.




Return to the previous visited valid context. This history only tracks contexts that were actually visited, so running database “example” followed by back will return you to the root context, not the database (because the two were executed as part of one action and never actually visited). If a previous context was deleted or is no longer valid, this command will skip over it.


Switch to the given child. This is identical to typing the name of the child itself, but also support UNIX-style directory structures, such as “/” and “..”. This allows for contexts to be chained such as cd ../database/template.


Display the history of input to the shell. The shell supports the ability to move back and forth in the history using the up and down arrows.


This is an alias for cd .. for the benefit of those less familiar with UNIX filesystem navigation. Unlike back, which only returns to the previous context only if it was visited, and may return to a child context, this command will always return to the immediate parent context.

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