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CLI cookbook: adding a SQL Server source environment

This topic describes how to add a SQL Server source environment using the command line interface.

Since SQL Server source environments do not have the Delphix Connector running on them, you must use a target environment as a proxy when adding source environments. Delphix uses the connector running on the proxy environment to run commands against the source environment. See Overview of Requirements for SQL Server Environments for more information.


Enter these commands through the command-line interface:

/environment; create;set type=HostEnvironmentCreateParameters; set hostEnvironment.type=WindowsHostEnvironment;set<Source environment name>;set hostEnvironment.proxy=<target host name>; set hostParameters.type=WindowsHostCreateParameters;set;set"<Source host IP address or hostname>"; set"<domain\username>";set primaryUser.credential.type=PasswordCredential;set primaryUser.credential.password=<password>; commit;


The CLI commands for adding source host "mssql_source_1"using target host “mssql_target_1” as proxy and environment user “ad\delphix_user” would be:

/environment; create;set type=HostEnvironmentCreateParameters; set hostEnvironment.type=WindowsHostEnvironment;set"mssql_source_1";set hostEnvironment.proxy="mssql_target_1"; set hostParameters.type=WindowsHostCreateParameters;set;set"mssql_source_1"; set"ad\delphix_user";set primaryUser.credential.type=PasswordCredential;set primaryUser.credential.password="i_am_the_password"; commit;
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