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CLI cookbook: changing the SID of Oracle RAC VDBs

This topic describes how to change the SID of instances in an Oracle RAC VDB.

This example demonstrates how to switch the instance name and number between two different hosts, from

SQL> select * FROM V$ACTIVE_INSTANCES;INST_NUMBER INST_NAME----------- ------------------------------------------------------------      1 cnrac3:VchiBEB1      2 cnrac4:VchiBEB2


SQL> select * FROM V$ACTIVE_INSTANCES;INST_NUMBER INST_NAME----------- ------------------------------------------------------------      1 cnrac4:VchiBEB1      2 cnrac3:VchiBEB2


  1. Stop the VDB through the GUI and login to the Delphix CLI.

  2. Select the sourceconfig of the RAC VDB whose instances you would like to rename. 

    kfc-manual.dcenter> sourceconfigkfc-manual.dcenter sourceconfig> select Vchicago_BEB
  3. Use the update command to change the properties of the sourceconfig. 

    kfc-manual.dcenter sourceconfig "Vchicago_BEB"> update
  4. Type 'ls' to view the complete list of properties associated with the VDB's sourceconfig. For configurations with larger numbers of RAC instances, the listing may not show the individual instances but will instead display [ ... ]. In order to see the instance configuration, type 'edit instances'.

    kfc-manual.dcenter sourceconfig "Vchicago_BEB" update *> lsProperties    type: OracleRACConfig    credentials:        type: PasswordCredential        password: ********    environmentUser: ora1024    instances:        0:            type: OracleRACInstance            instanceName: VchiBEB1            instanceNumber: 1            node: cnrac4        1:            type: OracleRACInstance            instanceName: VchiBEB2            instanceNumber: 2            node: cnrac3    linkingEnabled: true    nonSysCredentials: (unset)    nonSysUser: (unset)    repository: '/u01/app/ora1024/product/10.2.0/db_1'    services: [ ... ]    user: delphix
  5. Use the Set command to change the values for instanceName and instanceNumber for each instance.

    kfc-manual.dcenter sourceconfig "Vchicago_BEB" update *> set instances.0.instanceName=VchiBEB2kfc-manual.dcenter sourceconfig "Vchicago_BEB" update *> set instances.0.instanceNumber=2kfc-manual.dcenter sourceconfig "Vchicago_BEB" update *> set instances.1.instanceName=VchiBEB1kfc-manual.dcenter sourceconfig "Vchicago_BEB" update *> set instances.1.instanceNumber=1
  6. Finally, commit the changes.

    kfc-manual.dcenter sourceconfig "Vchicago_BEB" update *> commit;
  7. Restart the VDB through the GUI for the changes to take effect on the VDB.

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