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CLI cookbook: how to change environment user

  1. ssh into your engine using Admin privileges

    ssh admin@delphix
  2. Go to Environment and find the Environment you would like to update 

    delphix > environmentdelphix environment > lsdelphix environment > select test_env
  3. Select Environment updating and Update

    delphix environment "test_env" > updatedelphix environment "test_env" update *> ls
  4. Set primaryUserto new user you would like to use for the Environment (NOTE: new user should be added as an environment user before making as a primaryUser)

    delphix environment "test_env update" *> set primaryUser=<new user>
  5.  Commit the operation.

    delphix environment "test_env" update *> commit


ssh admin@delphixdelphix > environmentdelphix environment > ls ObjectsNAME    DESCRIPTIONDemo  ChildrenoracleuserOperationscreate delphix environment > select Demodelphix environment "Demo" > updatedelphix environment "Demo" update *> ls Properties    type: UnixHostEnvironment    name: Demo    description:     primaryUser: delphix delphix environment "Demo" update *> set primaryUser=<new user>delphix environment "Demo" update *> commit
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