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CLI support for partial-full backup in Oracle


Delphix Engine version introduces an option to perform partial full snapsync via the CLI. A full backup of specified datafiles will be performed, along with an incremental backup of the remaining files.


  1. Requested datafiles must exist in the database for which SnapSync is being run.

  2. In case of an MT, Snapsync must be performance for the PDB, the datafiles can belong to either the PDB or its CDB.

  3. Requested datafiles must be online.

  4. Partial full SnapSync can not be requested for an initial SnapSync.

  5. Partial full SnapSync can not be run if there is a pending SnapSync.


ip-00-000-000-000 database> select CDOMLOSR1CEBPDB3 

ip-00-000-000-000 database 'CDOMLOSR1CEBPDB3'> sync

ip-00-000-000-000 database 'CDOMLOSR1CEBPDB3' sync *> set filesForFullBackup=1,2

ip-00-000-000-000 database 'CDOMLOSR1CEBPDB3' sync *> commit

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