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Customizing RAC instances after provision

Provisioning a RAC VDB requires users to select which RAC node to be included for this VDB, as well as the instance number and instance name of each RAC node that runs the RAC VDB. At any time after the provision, there may be a need to downsize or increase the number of instances of the RAC VDB or reassign instance number and instance names to individual VDB RAC node.

Oracle pluggable database

The current release does not support the customization of RAC vPDB instances after provision.

If you make any changes to the VDB's configuration on the engine either by changing the VDB's configParams using CLI or VDB configuration template that was used to provision it, the Delphix engine will push out these changes when the VDB is next enabled after the RAC instance changes are made.


The following steps illustrate how you can customize your RAC VDB instance configuration after provision:

  1. Login to your Delphix Management application.

  2. Select the VDB you want to edit.

  3. From the right-side pane select the Configuration tab.

  4. From the Action menu (...), select Disable.

  5. Click on the pencil icon next to 'CLUSTER INSTANCES' to be able to edit your instance names.

  6. Click on the name of the instance you want to alter and edit it to suit.

  7. Check or uncheck the check-box to the left to indicate if you want to add or remove a cluster node for your RAC VDB.

  8. Complete editing and then confirm using the tick icon.

  9. From the Action menu (...), select Enable

Disabling a VDB will result in the VDB Instances being shut down and the NFS mounts for that VDB presented from Delphix being dismounted.

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