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Data management settings for SQL Server data sources

Each dSource has its own data management settings, which can be configured during the linking workflow as well as in the configuration page for that dSource.

You can configure data management settings to improve overall performance and match the needs of your specific server and data environment.

The following settings are available for SQL Server data sources:



Managed Backups

When enabled, the Delphix engine will take full backups of the database, per the dSource’s SnapSync policy, and validated sync will be disabled. Existing backups cannot be used to synchronize the dSource when backups are managed by Delphix.

Recovery Model

The current recovery model of the source database. Three recovery models exist simple, full, and bulk-logged. This is not configurable from Delphix but can be changed within the source’s database settings.

Initial Load

  1. Delphix will take a copy-only full backup of your source database.

  2. Use the most recent full or differential backup (default).

  3. Use a specific full or differential backup.

Backup Paths

These are the locations where Delphix will be looking for backups for ingestion. 

Select Autodiscover to have the Delphix Engine automatically locate the backups by querying the msdb database in the SQL instance.

Otherwise, for each path, please specify the top level of a particular backup path since the Delphix Engine will recursively search for the backup file in all subdirectories beneath the specified path.

Validated Sync Mode

Determines the types of backups validated sync will use to generate snapshots.

  1. Transaction log backups.

    1. LogSync adds log files from the source database to the dSource, allowing you to provision a virtual database (VDB) from a specific point in time or LSN for SQL Server databases.

  2. Full or Differential backups.

  3. Full backups.

  4. None.

Staging Environment

This environment will host the staging database used for validated sync. 


A repository is a container for the SourceConfigs objects. Each environment can contain any number of repositories, and repositories can contain any number of source configurations. A repository typically corresponds to a database installation. Whereas source configurations typically correspond to the databases.

Encryption Key

The encryption key to be used when restoring encrypted backups. If the source database is backed up using LiteSpeed or RedGate with password-protected encryption, you can supply the encryption key that the Delphix Engine should use to restore those backups. 

NetBackup Ingestion

Enables ingestion from a NetBackup source. 

Commvault Ingestion

Enables ingestion from a Commvault source. 

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