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Delphix API reference URLs

There are a number of sources available to provide details, examples, and techniques for working with Delphix APIs. This section contains a small list of URLs that are worth reviewing/reading as required.

CLI (command line interface)

The Delphix Engine provides a native command-line interface (CLI) accessible over SSH. This CLI provides an interactive layer on top of the public web service APIs, and is intended for users that wish to automate interactions with the Delphix Engine, or simply prefer a text-based interface. All of the functionality available in the CLI is also available through the public stable web service APIs should more full-featured automation be required. For more information on automation using CLI commands see Command Line Interface Guide


Must be logged in 

Users must be successfully logged in before /API pages can be accessed.

For more information on automation using the web service APIs, see the Web Services API Guide.

API Documentation is also included within the Delphix Engine using the following formula:


For Example

For a complete list of Delphix APIs - JSON schema format, use the following URL:


So, looking at the first JSON key/name:


"/delphix-about.json": {    "cliVisibility": [        "DOMAIN",         "SYSTEM"    ],     "description": "Retrieve static system-wide properties.",     . . .

And after logging into the Delphix Engine, translating this into the URL API for about: will respond with the returned JSON data string.


{"type":"OKResult","status":"OK","result":{"type":"PublicSystemInfo","productType":"standard","productName":"Delphix Engine","buildTitle":"Delphix Engine","buildTimestamp":"2016-09-02T22:28:43.000Z","buildVersion":{"type":"VersionInfo","major":5,"minor":1,"micro":2,"patch":0},"configured":true,"enabledFeatures":["XPP","JETSTREAM"],"apiVersion":{"type":"APIVersion","major":1,"minor":8,"micro":0},"banner":null,"locales":["en-US"],"currentLocale":"en-US"},"job":null,"action":null}

For now, just remember that the Delphix Engine contains the API Documentation and Delphix JSON schema.

Masking APIs

Please refer to the Masking documentation at for information on the Masking APIs.

Cookbook examples

Delphix documentation includes a number of cookbook examples that will not be duplicated in this section but may be referenced.

API Cookbook: Common Tasks, Workflows, and Examples

There are also working examples provided within this document and are available for download.

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