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Installing an OVA or AMI


This article outlines how to install the Delphix Engine using an OVA or AMI file.

Procedure to install an OVA

Use the Delphix-supplied OVA file to install the Delphix Engine. The OVA file is configured with many of the minimum system requirements. The underlying storage for the install is assumed to be redundant SAN storage.

  1. Download the OVA file from A support login is needed from the Delphix representative or welcome letter.

    1. Navigate to the Delphix Product Releases/<Current Version>/Appliance Images page.

  2. Login using the vSphere client to the vSphere server (or vCenter Server) where the Delphix Engine will be installed.

  3. In the vSphere Client, click File.

  4. Select Deploy OVA Template.

  5. Browse to the OVA file.

  6. Click Next.

  7. Select a hostname for the Delphix Engine. This hostname will also be used in configuring the Delphix Engine network.

  8. Select the data center where the Delphix Engine will be located.

  9. Select the cluster and the ESX host.

  10. Select one (1) data store for the Delphix OS. This datastore can be  thin-provisioned and must have enough free space to accommodate the 127GB comprising the Delphix operating system.

  11. Select four (4) or more data stores for Database Storage for the Delphix Engine. The Delphix Engine will stripe all of the Database Storage across these VMDKs, so for optimal I/O performance, each VMDK must be equal in size and be configured Thick Provisioned - Eager Zeroed. Additionally, these VMDKs should be distributed as evenly as possible across all four SCSI I/O controllers.

  12. Select the virtual network to be used. If using multiple physical NICs for link aggregation, vSphere NIC teaming must be used. Do not add multiple virtual NICs to the Delphix Engine itself. The Delphix Engine should use a single virtual network. For more information, see Optimal Network Architecture for the Delphix Engine.

  13. Click Finish. The installation will begin and the Delphix Engine will be created in the location specified.

  14. Once the installation has completed, power on the Delphix Engine and proceed with the initial system configuration as described in Setting Up Network Access to the Delphix Engine.

Procedure to install an AMI

Use the Delphix-supplied AMI file to install the Delphix Engine.

  1. On the Delphix download site, click the AMI to be shared and accept the Delphix License agreement. Alternatively, follow a link given by the Delphix solutions architect.

  2. On the Amazon Web Services Account Details form presented:

    1. Enter the AWS Account Identifier, which can be found here: To use the Gov Cloud AWS Region, be sure to enter the ID for the AWS Account which has Gov Cloud enabled.

    2. Select which AWS Region the AMI should be shared in. To have the AMI shared in a different region, contact the Delphix account representative for the proper arrangements.

  3. Click Share. The Delphix Engine will appear in the list of AMIs in AWS momentarily.

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