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Linking to Oracle dSources with RMAN compression or encryption enabled

This topic describes the behavior of the Delphix Engine when linking to a dSource with RMAN compression or encryption enabled.

In earlier versions of the Delphix Engine, the dSource linking process would fail if RMAN compression or encryption was enabled. In order for the linking process to complete, the administrator was required to ensure that compression was not enabled for device type SBT_TAPE, and that encryption was also not enabled.

With the Delphix Engine, linking a dSource succeeds if compression or encryption is enabled, but the RMAN backup that creates the dSource will not be compressed or encrypted. This is true in the case where the administrator has enabled compression for tape, and in the case where the administrator is using OSB and has enabled encryption for tape.

You can check the RMAN compression and encryption settings with the commands show device type and show encryption for database, respectively.

If compression is enabled on a source environment, then it may need to be enabled for the target environment. Compression should be enabled for target environments if all segments in a source environment utilize NOCOMPRESS or COMPRESS="BASIC".

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