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Managing source data

The Managed source Data dashboard tile provides an aggregate sum of the size of ingested source databases. This helps to understand the total amount of data per-engine that is managed by Delphix.

Managed Source Data refers to the size of the source data that is ingested and managed by the Delphix Engine. It is the physical, allocated size of the source database.

Today, the value displayed represents the source data size for Oracle, SQL Server, and SAP ASE databases. Since this value is a measure of source size, it is not affected by Delphix constructs or operations, e.g. the sizes of dSources, VDBs, snapshots. Since the intent is to measure the size of the sources, data from replication or Selective Data Distribution are not included in the sum for the engine. The total usage is displayed in gigabytes.

When an admin (Delphix Management Application) or sysadmin (Delphix Setup) login to the Delphix Engine they will have access to the Managed Source Data tile (shown below) from their dashboard.

Selecting the View link located on the top-right takes users to the Managed Source Data page. This page provides a detailed breakdown of the total usage and can also be reached via Resources > Managed Source Data from the navigation bar.

Blue question marks indicate:

  • A “fallback” value is being used in the sum: A fallback value is used when sources are unavailable at the time when the usage query is made (e.g., the source is disabled), a “fallback” value is used in the sum. The fallback value refers to the last usage value Delphix collected while connected to the source.

  • Sources that are not included in the sum: These are source types for which Delphix does not currently collect data (for example, sources like EBS, DB2, HANA, PostgreSQL).

Hovering over the blue question marks, a tooltip appears to describe the exact situation (whether or not Delphix used historical data/fallback values or if the source for collection is unsupported).

To search the Managed source Data table, enter the name of the data source you are looking for. The grid will refresh to display the selected data source. Select to refresh data to get updated space usage information. To export the information provided in the grid to a .csv file select.

Backend data refresh

The backend data refreshes at a regular interval but does not trigger a UI refresh.

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