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Quick start guide for MySQL

MySQL connector has been developed to ingest and virtualize MySQL data sources using Delphix.

What does MySQL connector do?

The Delphix MySQL connector can virtualize a single instance MySQL database and create multiple virtual copies as required. There are two modes of operation of the  connector based on how the MySQL dSource is created and kept in-sync with source database.

Replication with bin log

In the Replication with binlog mode, Delphix uses MySQL's built-in replication with binlog technology to keep the Delphix dSource in-sync with the MySQL source databases. Creation of the dSource requires a full backup of the source database(s) and there are two options to provide this backup.

  1. Delphix Managed Backup In this option, Delphix is provided with the required information and privileges to take a full backup of the source database.

  2. User Provided Backup In this option, user provides Delphix with an existing full backup. Delphix initializes the staging database using the full backup and configures the staging database as a replicated slave of the source database. MySQL Replication with binlog keeps the data in the staging database in-sync with the source.

Manual Ingestion

In the Manual Ingestion mode, the data in Delphix dSource is managed manually by the end users. Delphix creates a seed MySQL staging database which can be managed via Delphix. The end user assumes the responsibility of keeping the data in the staging database in-sync with the source database.

Where to start?

By now, you must have an overall idea of what is possible with the MySQL plugin. Before you can get started with virtualizing your MySQL databases, there are some pre-requisites you need to take care of. Please visit the Pre-Requisites page for more details.


If you have questions, bugs or feature requests reach out to us via the MySQL Github or at Delphix Community Portal.

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