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Relocating the Delphix connector

There are times when the Delphix Connector installation requires a move to a different directory or drive. It's not a trivial relocation. This requires disabling dSources and/or VDBs, uninstalling the current install and reinstalling to the new location. In addition to this, an upgrade to the Delphix Connector can also be achieved via the uninstall/reinstall methodology, including a change in location. These instructions cover 4.0 through 5.1. The steps are the same up to At that version and forward it is no longer required to use the CLI to change the Delphix Connector location. All one needs to do is refresh the Delphix Connector environment and the new directory location is discovered and updated on the Delphix Engine. In the steps listed below, the example is moving the connector from "C:\Program Files" to "C:\", so the full connector path is "C:\Delphix\DelphixConnector".

  1. Disable the dSources and/or VDBs associated to the DelphixConnector host. This will unmount the storage from the Windows host, removing the directories, the dSources represented by the staging databases, and the VDBs.

    1. dSource staging directories are in the form of "guid-staging-xx", where xx is the staging database number

    2. VDB directories are appended with "guid-vdb-xx".

  2. When all VDBs and dSources are disabled and you are ready to move the DelphixConnector location, stop the DelphixConnector service.

  3. Backup the remaining directories as a precaution, in particular, the logs directory.

  4. Uninstall the DelphixConnector, using the instructions from Uninstall the Delphix Connector.

  5. Reinstall the DelphixConnector to the new location, such as "C:\Delphix\DelphixConnector". Check that the DelphixConnector service has started.

  6. Modify the new DelphixConnectorlocation.

    1. On Delphix engine versions prior to, use the CLI to modify the directory

      1. CODE
        de4350.dcenter host> select
        de4350.dcenter host ''> update
        de4350.dcenter host '' update *> set toolkitPath="C:\Delphix\DelphixConnector"
        de4350.dcenter host '' update *> commit
            Dispatched job JOB-3203
            HOST_UPDATE job started for "".
            HOST_UPDATE job for "" completed successfully.
      2. Refresh the windows environment for the change to take effect.

    2. On engine versions and higher, you only need to refresh the windows environment.

  7. Enable the dSources and/or VDBs.

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