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Understanding bookmarks

Bookmarks overview

Bookmarks are a way to mark and name a particular moment of data on a timeline. You can restore the active branch's timeline to the moment of data marked with a bookmark. You can also share bookmarks with other users, which allows them to restore their own active branches to the moment of data in your container. The data represented by a bookmark is protected and will not be deleted until the bookmark is deleted. To help manage the space used by this data, users can set an optional expiration date for a bookmark. At the end of the set date, the bookmark will automatically be deleted. Once created, you can easily locate a bookmark through one of the bookmark viewers in the interface. To understand how to use bookmarks, please refer to the Delphix Self-Service Data User Guide.

Using bookmarks in data templates

An admin user can create a bookmark on a template that will then be automatically shared to all containers created from that template. Additionally, an admin user can create a bookmark on the master template timeline with the point of time you are interested in. The bookmark will always be saved from retention policies, and a new branch can be created from this bookmark.

Default bookmark expiration

You can set a value that controls the default expiration time, in days, for Bookmarks. This setting only applies to new bookmarks that are created through the Delphix Self-Service application, not the CLI or API. Note that this only controls the default selection; users can still disable expiration or pick a different date for a specific bookmark if they wish. This setting is disabled by default.

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