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Upgrade EBS objects to 5.2

This section focuses on steps to be taken post-upgrade to the Delphix 5.2 release for all dSources and VDBs present on the Delphix Engine.

  1. For all 12.1 EBS apps Tier Dsource :
    Go to Configuration → Custom

    • Update context_name with the Context value of the application tier

    • Update apps password with the value of the dsource.

    • Take a new snapshot after updating the above parameters

  2. For all 12.1 and 12.2 EBS Database VDB:

    • Update the pre snapshot hook as follows

      # NOTE: Ensure the below environment variables will be set up correctly by the shell. If not, hardcode or generate the values below.
      # CONTEXT_NAME=${ORACLE_SID}_$(hostname -s)
      # APPS_PASSWD=<source apps passwd>
      # TARGET_APPS_PASSWD=<new apps password>
      . ${ORACLE_HOME}/${CONTEXT_NAME}.env
      testAppsPassword() {
          local passwordInQuestion=$1
          ERROR=`sqlplus "apps/${passwordInQuestion}" <<< "exit;"`
          grep ORA-01017 <<< ${ERROR} >/dev/null && return 1
          return 0
      testAppsPassword ${SOURCE_APPS_PASSWD}
      if [[ ${testResult} == 0 ]]; then
      while [[ -f "${ORACLE_HOME}/.delphix_adpreclone.lck" || "$(ps -Ao args | grep "^${ORACLE_HOME}" | grep -v grep |  grep "adpreclone")" ]] ; do
      if [[ $waittime -gt $timeout  ]]; then
              echo "Another adpreclone process is still running from last 60 mins.Delphix cannot proceed until it is complete. Exiting Now."
              exit 1
          echo  " Another adpreclone process is running. waiting for the process to complete before starting adpreclone of the database...."
          (( timeout += 10 ))
          sleep 10
      echo "No other adpreclone process is running on database, proceeding ...."
      . ${ORACLE_HOME}/${CONTEXT_NAME}.env
      ${ORACLE_HOME}/perl/bin/perl ${ORACLE_HOME}/appsutil/scripts/${CONTEXT_NAME}/ database <<-EOF
  3. For all 12.1 EBS apps Tier VDB :
    Go to Configuration → Custom

    • Update system password with the system password corresponding to the database.

    • Take a new snapshot after updating the above parameters

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